How can I create custom groups in bulk?

You can create a custom group by exporting a list of members, editing the data in the spreadsheet and then uploading this onto ParentMail.

This can be followed for either student or staff groups.

  1. Start by exporting the template. Go to Groups > Groups > Select a group > Click Actions > Click Export:

After pressing export, a few moments later this changes to download.

2. Click onto Download for an export of the group members in a spreadsheet format.

3. Open the report and you should find the following column headers:

4. Within this spreadsheet, you can edit the details below the column headers including details: Forename, Surname, and DOB.

A) Go to Reports > General Reports > Parent/Student Export > Generate. To copy and paste the details over for your students.

B) Go to Reports > General Reports > Staff Export > Generate. To copy and paste the details over for your staff members.

C) If you have a list of members from your MIS in a custom report, you can paste over the relevant details onto the template spreadsheet.

Please note: the only essential fields are: Forename, Surname, DOB, and the Group Name.

If the staff members are missing a DOB, the report will not work. Please ensure the DOB is added on ParentMail.

5. Enter in the name of the new group you would like to create.

6. After the spreadsheet is ready, you will need to save the report. Please ensure this is saved as a CSV (Comma Delimited) file type.

7. We now need to upload the import onto ParentMail. Go to: Imports > Create New Import > Select CSV Import File > Select the right report > Open > Click Queue import.

8. Once the import has completed, you can go into Imports > Imports > Click on your latest import (found at the top of the list) and find the rejected records report on the right-hand side.

9. Click the CSV button to download the report to your browser.

10. Once downloaded, this will open in Excel.

Rejected Records Information: Any duplicated users that ParentMail couldn’t match will appear here. You can either manually add these users to the group, or you can delete the duplicated version of the user and then re-upload.

11. This process will create a new group in groups > Groups > with a Group Type (category) of ‘Custom’:

12. You can edit your new group by going to Groups > Groups > Click onto the Custom group.

13. Click on Actions > Edit. You can edit the group name here or move the group into a different Group Type.

Please Note:

  • Students can only be in one ’Year Group’, and one ‘Registration Group’. Changing the custom group to these group types will overwrite the group they are currently in.
  • Any students/staff added onto the import file that are not on ParentMail already, will not appear on the rejections list, or in the new group.