How do I create a new Group Type?

A Group Type is a category that you create to add specific members into. You will already have the mandatory categories created such as: Year, Reg, Staff, Class and you may need to create Clubs or Dinners

Go to Groups on your left hand menu and then select Create New Type.

You are then displayed with the group creation form:

Enter in the Type Name, this will be the name of the category. For example, Clubs.

For the option Limit group members to a particular User Type (optional), I would advise to leave this unless you would like to set up a group for a specific user type only. For example: Staff.

The Unique Member Only tick box, should be kept blank unless you would like the users to be assigned to only one group within the category. This is usually used for Registration and Year groups as a child cannot be a member of more than one.

Once you are happy with your selection, hit Save.