Why are some students missing from their Year/Registration Groups?

Usually, this means that the student was moved into a different Year or Registration group.

Please Note: Students can only be in 1 Year and Registration Group. If you add a student into a different year or registration group it will remove them from their previous one.

You can view all the groups that a child is in by going to their profile within Users and List. Under Groups will show a list of all the groups they are in.

The group that is listed as Year will appear here. If this is incorrect, click onto Add New Group option to select the correct group. Once you have done this, it will replace the group for you.

If you notice there are multiple students missing from their year/registration groups we recommend to verify the quality of your data to ensure the numbers are correct.

1) Navigate to Groups in the left hand menu, select Group types and check both Year and Registration groups. The number of students assigned to each group will be displayed here.

2) Exporting the data - Navigate to Reports in the left hand menu, select General Reports and find the report named "Parent Student Export". This report extracts a list of all students and associated parents at your organisation showing which year and registration groups they are assigned to. You can also use filters to sort the data for each individual year group. For assistance on filtering data please click here.

3) When importing your data into ParentMail, you may receive a ‘warning’ or ‘error’message on your rejected records report. For a guide on understanding and correcting rejected records please click here.

Upon following these steps you can check them against your MIS system to ensure the numbers match, or to identify which groups are missing students to resolve the issues.