How do I add a user (student/parent/staff member) to ParentMail?

If you have an MIS autolink installed you shouldn't need to add students, parents or staff members to ParentMail manually. If you’re not sure whether you have an automatic link, please contact us on Live chat, or email If you do use an Automatic link and you wish to add somebody to ParentMail who doesn’t appear in your MIS (for example Governors), then adding them manually is the best route.

To manually add a user, go to the Users tab on the left hand menu and click Create.

Click onto the Select a User Type drop down menu, requesting for you to select a User Type.

Every single user on your account will need to be assigned a User Type such as parent, student or staff. This will tell the system what relationship the user has with your organisation and will group similar users together.

If the user you are creating does not fit in to any of the existing categories you will need to create a new user type, please click here for more information on how to do this.

When it comes to filling in the form, depending on the type of user you are adding, some of the fields will be mandatory.

  • Student details: First Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Year and Registration group
  • Parent details: First Name, Surname, Email Address/& Mobile number
  • Staff Details: First Name, Surname

After you have entered in the relevant details, click Save to create your user and their profile will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

Depending on their user type, you can: edit, send registration messages, change permissions or delete this user by clicking ‘Actions’ on the top right hand side of their account.

If you are adding a student or a parent, it is important to add the relationship between the two users. This will enable the parent to receive communications and register their connection to the student and your school. Please click here for guidance on establishing relationships between users.

If the relationship has been entered incorrectly, you will receive an error message and correct the relationship.