How do I add or edit the permissions of a user type?

You can edit and add extra permissions to User Types. This ensures they are able to receive messages or login and administrate the system. It is important to only assign permissions to staff members.

Go to Users on your left hand menu and select Type Permissions from the sub menu.

Here, you will be asked to Select A User Type from the drop down list. This will show all User Types on your account, including default and user types that you have manually created.

Select the User Type that you would like to add/edit permissions for and a warning message will appear:

Click Yes to continue.

Permissions will then display in a list format.

It is important to be careful in what you are allowing the User to be able to access.

Tick the box of each permission that you want to grant or remove the ticks if you want to revoke them.

If you want to see a breakdown of what each permission applies to you can hit the Show button on the right hand side.

This will allow you to tick certain permissions within the section.

Once you are happy with the changes you have made, hit Save at the bottom.

It is important to delete staff users when they leave the organisation. Failure to do so would mean they still have access to the system and can make changes.