How do I link a student to a parent?

How to link a student to a parent.mp4

Please note, a parent must be linked to a student in order for the parent to receive communication and to register.

To start navigate to Users in your left hand menu and select List from the sub menu and locate the user you wish to add a personal relationship for.

Select the "+" icon next to 'Personal Relationships':

A pop up box will appear to Add New Personal Relationship:

Click the Select a User button and use the Contact Book to search for the parent. You can search for them by typing their name in the search box in the top right hand corner or search by category in the left hand menu.

Once you have found the parent, simply click onto their name and then click Next:

You will then need to Select a Relationship of the pupil to the parent, ensure this is correct when you read it back to yourself. If you are linking the child to the parent, the relationship will be Child.

Tick the Primary Contact box, if you require the parent to be the primary contact of the pupil.

Click Add Relationship to complete the link.

If you are adding a relationship on the Student’s record and you select the wrong relationship type, you will receive the following error message:

Simply click OK and select the right relationship.

To remove a relationship please click here.