We know that for many schools, it is time consuming to chase up school absences. This often results in sending text messages to parents to find out reasons of the absence.

If you’re looking on ways to save text credits, with our new and popular absence reporting tool; it will make the process and your life easier to manage!

Enabling this free feature will allow your parents to report absences through their mobile devices in less than 1 minute! Schools that use the absence reporting tool have received better responses. Another benefit is that schools are in control of having this feature enabled/disabled at any time, through their own ParentMail account!

Absence reporting will only work through the ParentMail App, so it’s important that your parents have downloaded the App onto their iOS or Android device.

Parents report absences in 4 easy steps:

  1. From the ParentMail App, open ‘Notify Absences’ and select the name of their student who will be absent.
  2. Select a reason for absence from a drop down menu.
  3. Select an amount of time that the child is likely to be off school for.
  4. Add any additional notes, and then send to school.

The school will then receive absences in the ‘Absence Inbox’, and can run a report off each day across the entire school.