How do I view absences?

To view reported absences, login to your ParentMail account and click into the Absences tab. A reg badge alert will be displayed, if you have any new absences that require to be processed.

You can find the reported absences in the list of absences and to view details, simply click onto the absence. On the right hand side, the details will appear here. Click onto the ‘Mark as Processed’ green button, to mark the request as processed.

You can drop down the absences date range to view absences:

  • Past 7 Days
  • Past 24 Hours
  • Past Month
  • Past Year

We also have the option for you to run a report to view absences between any time period. Go to the Reports tab and click onto General Reports. Here you will ned to select the Absence Reporting report and enter in a date range. For more information on reports please click here. (link takes you to reports).

You can also run a list of absences for a specific child. To do this find the student within the Users tab and click onto List. Search and click onto the child and press the green ‘Actions’ button on the right hand side. Select the ‘Absences’ action here and it will start to Generate a report for you. Click to open the download and you will be displayed with a list of absences regarding this child only.