Contact Book

What is the Contact Book?

The Contact Book is used to select users in bulk or individually across multiple locations within ParentMail. Some examples of where you may find the Contact Book are: Selecting recipients for an email or SMS message, removing leavers, adding users to a payment item or even managing group members.

How do I use the Contact Book?

It’s really easy to use the Contact Book to display, select and deselect users:

You can display and select users in the following ways:

All Contacts = display and select ALL users within your ParentMail account

User Types = display and select users of a certain role within the school, for example, Staff or Students

Group Types = display and select users from within specific pre-defined groups. E.g. Year groups, Reg groups, Clubs etc

Search field = In the top right hand corner, use the search field to enter an individual name or group name and be presented with results, useful if you need to select just one or two users.

To expand a group simply click on the arrow to the right of the folder. To select/deselect the users, place a tick in the box to the left of the folder or the individual user that you want to select. You can also remove users from your selection by simply deselecting the tick box next to the group or individual user. You can see who you have selected by clicking the ‘Selected’ option on the left hand menu this will also display the number of users you have selected.

How do I select parents from the Contact Book?

To send an email or text message to the parent, you will need to select their child instead and the system will send the message to their assigned parents. You are able to add parents to Groups or Events but will not be able to send them messages directly.