Documents to Print

ParentMail will generate paper copies that you can print off. Paper copies can be generated for when you send an email, text, forms or even refunding a payment as well as other reasons. If you have any outstanding Documents to Print, you will see a red badge with a number count. Please see screenshot below:

When you click on Documents to Print on the left-hand menu, you will find sub-tabs to click into showing you what section the document has been printed for:

For Email you will be presented with a list of students in class order and then each paper copy will appear thereafter in the same order. The student’s name will appear on each individual document. You have the option to print only the pages that you need, or you can print every page.

For SMS, you get an exception list that you can download and then use to contact the parent via a different method. Paper copies are not generated, just a list of students.