How do I view emails that I have sent?

To view previously sent emails, please click into the Email tab on the left-hand menu and then click onto Sent. A list of emails that the school have sent (from any user) will show here. Select the email you wish to view and you will be able to view the following:

  • Forward – click this button to send the email again to another group of recipients. You will need to select the recipients you want this message to go to.
  • Archive – you can use this to archive an old message that you no longer need and do not want appearing in your sent items. (Please note that once archived you will lose the option to View Recipients). This will not recall any emails that parents have been sent.
  • View Recipients – you can see who has been sent the email. If the recipient has registered their account, and has opened the email through ParentMail or the App, you will see that they have read the email, and on what date and time. This may be useful if your parents regularly claim they haven’t received school messages! From here you can also run a report with this information by clicking on “Download Recipients”. This will open in an Excel file.

Please find a list of delivery statuses and what they mean:

  • Sent: Email has been sent to the user.
  • Date and time: Email has been read from the user, directly in ParentMail.
  • Paper Copy: This will be one of three reasons shown below;
  1. The student may not have a parent linked to them on ParentMail. You can see this on the recipient list as the contact name field will be blank. To link a student to a parent click here.
  2. Parent is missing an email address in ParentMail – you can add this manually to their user account. For help doing this, click here.
  3. A member of the school office team has marked the parents as ‘Force Paper Copies’ within their record in ParentMail.
  • Duplicate: if you have ticked ‘Send Per Family’ and a parent has multiple children, the parent will show as ‘Sent’ for one child and ‘Duplicate’ for the others.