Users are reporting that they haven’t receive the text message, what do I do?

Try the simple steps below:

  • Confirm their mobile number is correct in ParentMail and check that the number is listed under ‘Mobile’ and not Telephone.
  • If they are registered, ask them to login and show you their Account Details. You can check to see if their number is matching to what you hold for them in ParentMail. If the recipients hasn’t added a mobile number in their registered account, simply ask them to add one in.
  • Ensure they are linked to their child within ParentMail. Users > List > Search > Relationships. For more information on managing personal relationships please click here.
  • Find a recent text that you sent to them within your Sent folder and then click ‘View Recipients’ to see the delivery status of the text.
  • Lastly, try sending a test text to see if the parent can receive this.

If they are still experiencing issues, please contact us on the live chat with full details of what the school has checked and what the user has tried from their side.