How do I brand our App?

Please note: If parents are connected to more than one school or organisation, they will have the ParentMail branding only.

Before you are able to set up in App branding, we need you to send a logo to

The logo must be 2000x2000 pixels and in a .PNG format.

Within 24 hours we will create a draft app and email further instructions for you.

Already submitted a logo?

Please go to Branded App > Edit App > View Draft App to see the suggested draft.

Your school name has been entered as the App Name. If you want to amend this, please note this field has a character limit of 30 characters.

Some suggested colours have been added for you, however, you can amend these by either entering the specific Hex Code(s) or choosing a different colour using the available colour picker.

When your logo was designed, you may have been given the Hex Code(s) – if so, please enter them in the required fields to ensure the closest colour match.

To amend the colour(s) using the colour picker, please click the coloured box next to the hex code to open the colour picker. Select the base colour you want and then use the slider to the right to amend the shade > Add to Custom Colours >Ok.

Background – Colour shown behind the logo

Foreground – Colour of the App Name, underneath the logo

Primary Colour – Colour shown on the menu screen when selecting different packages

Please note: Every time you make a change you must press Save Draft App > View Draft App to preview the new design.

When you are satisfied with the appearance of the App, press Save Draft App > Publish App To Live and this will publish your brand to the ParentMail app for all of your parents.

If at any point, your school logo changes, please forward the new 2000*2000 pixel, .PNG logo to and we will update it for you.