How do I create a new form?

Creating a form for the first time can seem like a daunting task, however, we’ve designed our Forms application so that it’s very easy for you to create stylish and professional looking forms with an easy to use, flexible form builder.


Firstly you will need to click on ‘Forms’ in the left hand menu and then ‘Create’ from the sub menu.

Drag the widgets from the Form Editor Toolbox (shown right) into the Form Preview. The widgets give a brief description of what they are, so we advise that you look at these options before building your form. It is likely you would start with a heading, before adding in your questions.

If you require your recipients to add the date, or their email address, you can simply drag these widgets into the bottom of the form.

To edit a widget, once it is in your Form Preview box hover over the question and select the icon circled to the right. This will allow you to type in your question and answers, if applicable. (You can also delete, or duplicate the question by hovering over it and selecting the other icons in the top right hand corner).

You can edit the name of the label to create your options/answers and to add more, simply click the + icon.

If you are having trouble with this, we would advise that you use the Guided Tours which will show you how to do it step by step. To begin the Guided Tours simply click the Show Me How tab on the top of your form builder page. Alternatively, you can watch a video tutorial at the top of the page.

You can then save the form as a template or send it right away. Please note, you are unable to save the form after sending it so we recommend you always save the form first.

When parents respond to a form online they will be asked to enter their password. This will then work as their digital signature and will also include a time and date stamp for when they submitted the form.

Widgets Explained


The heading widget will allow you to enter a heading of the form – Please note the ‘Subject’ of your form will be what parents see in the ‘forms’ menu, however we recommend if you have sections, for example “Monday choices” you use a heading to separate each section. Please note this will show as larger text.

Sub Heading

This will be another heading, you can use this under your main heading if you have sub-sections. This will show as larger text but slightly smaller than a ‘Heading’.


Your paragraph will show on your form as smaller text than the title. We recommend if you have information, for example information about your trip or if you wanted to let parents know when you need their responses by.

Input Box (Single Line)

In the input box, parents can enter a couple of words, for example the name of the family doctor, or any specific allergens if you are sending out a consent form. You can make this widget a required field, so parents must enter something in here before they can submit the form.

Input Box (Multi Line)

This widget is the same as the single line, except it gives parent a bigger box to enter in details. This would be great for asking for comments from parents, or if you were asking for specific requirements in regard to medication or any other student needs for an event. This box can also be made ‘required’, so parents must complete it prior to submitting the form.


The selection boxes will allow you to enter ‘options’, this would be great for selecting a single meal from a list of choices for that day, parents can only submit one of the options from within this widget. Please note: Parents are required to submit an option for the ‘selection’ tool by default. Tip: Add a ‘N/A’ option to give parents an opt out if they don’t want to select an available option.


The checkbox widget is great for having multiple options and letting parents choose as many as they like. For example, you may be having a survey to identify interest in clubs – you can request parents choose as many as they would be interested in having. Please note: Parents don’t have to submit an option for the ‘checkbox’ tool, they can submit the form and leave all of the tick boxes blank.

Date Picker

Parents can choose from any date with this date picker, please note parents will have to enter a date, no other format or free text will be accepted. This is perfect for assessing availability for things like trips, or for appointments or clubs. Please note: You can make this widget required, so parents have to complete the date.

Email Address

The email address widget is ideal for prompting a valid email address to be registered – This could be for a second contact if the child is away, like an aunt or uncle, or even if you were collecting data from your parents. Please note: You can make this widget required, so parents must complete the email.