How do I send my form once it is ready?

Once your Form is ready to go, click ‘Submit’ and a new window will appear (shown below).

  • Add Recipients – To add a recipient, click in the recipient box to the right hand side of the window and the Contact Book will appear. You are only able to select and send the form to students, administrators, and staff/teachers. When selecting the students, the form will be send to the students assigned contacts.
  • Students that require separate responses per parent – To add the recipients that require a response per parent.
  • Subject – This will appear as the subject line of the form.
  • Primary contacts only – Select this if you want the message to only go to the parents who are marked as primary contacts.
  • Anonymous Reply – Select this if you don’t want to know who your replies are from.
  • Maximum Replies– You can put a limit on the maximum number of replies you can receive by selecting this option. This is the total amount of responses to the form, not replies per student or per parent. Each form can only be completed once per student. We recommend you always enter a number here for the amount of students you are sending the form to. If you later add more students to the form, you will need to update this number to ensure the maximum replies is set to the amount of students it is now being sent to – without this, the form will assume it has reached its maximum amount of replies.
  • Expires – An expiry date must be set. If you do not wish for the form to expire, you can enter a date far ahead in the future.
  • Reminders – This will allow reminders to go out to each parent. There are multiple options available regarding the frequency of the reminders.