What kind of forms can I create?

The Forms application allows you to build a range of different forms, to use as a one off or to be used repeatedly. If you are likely to use a form again, we recommend that you add it to your templates, so that you don’t have to build it from the beginning each time.

Many schools use the forms builder package to create breakfast club/after school club permission forms, dinner booking forms, parent surveys, trip consent, medical forms, photography/internet permissions, collecting parent details, questionnaires and more, please see below for some examples:

  • Breakfast/After school Club - You can use our forms module to request parents to submit what dates they'd like to book, register interest, or book activities for these clubs prior to the event!
  • Dinner Bookings/Menu Choice - You can have a pre-set form to send to all students to request dinner options for the week, and get all these dinner choices in a report to give to your school kitchen/caterer.
  • Parent Surveys - Use forms to send out surveys, use for letting parents vote or provide feedback on the school, and also help with gauging interest in events and trips.
  • Trip Consent - Easily find out additional emergency contact details, allergy details, specific requests, and any other information you need prior to a trip or activity with the school.
  • Data Collection - An easy way to gather parent contact details in once place - Sent out frequent reminders and request email addresses, you can also use ParentMail to help you update your MIS or database of parents.

If you get stuck, we recommend you use the Guided Tours function to take you through the process step by step, we also have a step by step video guide available here.