Why has a student/parent not received a form?

To check why a student/parent has not received a form, please follow our common troubleshooting steps below:

Student wasn't added as a recipient

Please firstly check that the student has been added to the recipient list. Please head to Forms > Responses > and click on your form. Please check here in the list of recipients. If you want to check in the contact book, please to go Actions > Edit settings > Recipients. Here you can search for the student's name to check they were included.

Student is not linked to Parent/Contact on ParentMail

If the student was sent the form and the parent cannot see the form, please check the parent has a personal relationship set to the student within Users > List. You can also check if the form is available to them within the 'Parents view' - this is found within Users > List, locate the parent and select Actions > Parents view > click on 'Forms' in the left menu and here you can see all the forms available to them.

Parent has responded already

Please check that the parent, or another parent/contact hasn't responded to the form already. Please check for this in Forms > Responses and check on this list here to see if it says 'responded'.

Paper copy was generated

The student may have been sent the form, but a paper copy has been generated. This can happen when a student has no parent/contact on ParentMail, or if the parent/contact is unsubscribed or not registered. You can locate this paper copy from 'Documents to print' > 'Forms' in the left-hand menu.