How do I run a report in Forms?

To run a report on your form, go to ‘Forms’ on the left-hand menu and then ‘Responses’ in the sub menu.

Select the form and press the green ‘Actions’ tab in the top right hand corner, select Reports in the drop down. This will then give you a popup box in the middle of your screen (shown below).

We have 3 reports available

  • All Responses Submitted for this Form – This allows you to easily see EVERY answer provided and other key information like who has completed the form and when.
  • List of people yet to respond – This will give you a full breakdown of everyone who hasn’t responded to the form.
  • Statistics Related To Responses For This Form – This will provide you with statistical information for questions in the form. This is only available for the ‘Selection Box’ and ‘Check Box’ options.

Select the ‘Generate Report’ option (shown below).

Once the report has generated, you will have the option to download the results, simply select the CSV or PDF option.

Please note: Ensure you click 'Generate Report' before downloading CSV or PDF otherwise it will not pull the latest information with new responses.

Downloading without generating will download older information.