A parent is unable to login, how do I help them?

Please go to https://pmx.parentmail.co.uk and click on ‘Forgotten your password?’

Type in the email address of the parent and you will get one of the following messages.

  • “Good news! An email is on its way to you so you can reset your password”
  • If you receive this message – it means that your parent is verified. An email has now been sent asking them to reset their password. This will help to direct them to the right login screen and should grant them access to their account.
  • “The email address specified isn’t in our system”
  • If you receive this message it means your parent has not yet verified their account. Please go to Users on the left hand menu and then select List in the sub menu. Search for your user and then click on their record. Click Actions > Edit and then enter their email address before sending an email registration message through the same menu. Inform the parent that they will receive an email asking them to verify their account which they must action.