How can I view the parent feed?

You will only be able to view a parent feed for Connected parents.

Find the connected user in Users > List. Then click the ‘Actions’ button followed by ‘Parents’ View’.

You will then be able to see a read-only version of the parents’ feed. Along the side, you can see the menu –

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Forms
  • PEM
  • Events
  • Payments – To Pay
  • Payments – Shop
  • Archived

Within each menu, you can view the items that they are able to access through their ParentMail account.

For example, if you look within ‘Email’, you can see –

  • Emails sent to the parent, with the subject name, date and time and school name
  • Whether the email has been opened.

If the parent has not received any communications, their feed will appear as such. For example, in the screenshot below, it is clear that the parent has not received any SMS messages –

If the message is regarding a child, the feed will show you who it is regarding –

You can also see if an Online Form has been completed/opened –

Within ‘Payments – To Pay’, you can search for items and view items those which are – All To Pay, Accounts, Overdue, Part Paid and Upcoming –

Within ‘Payments – Shop’, you can search and view items by categories –