How do I remove an unsubscribed parent?

When a parent unsubscribes from ParentMail, it means they will no longer able to receive messages from you. If you remove the unsubscribed parent from your ParentMail account, there is a chance that in your next import they could be accidentally re-imported and begin receiving messages from you again. For that reason we strongly advise that you leave your unsubscribed parents on the system to ensure they do not receive any unwanted messages.

When it comes to removing the students as leavers, using the Remove Leavers tool will then remove the unsubscribed parent so that they are removed from the account forever.

To manually remove the parent:

1) Remove existing personal relationships to other children from parent

2) Create test child and link to the parent

3) Go to Settings – Remove Leavers – click on the tool to select the test child – confirm to delete the student and the parent linked.