Parent has tried to register but receives the error ‘DOB invalid’?

Please ask the parent to confirm if the DOB that you hold in ParentMail matches to the DOB they are entering. If not, please update in ParentMail and your MIS and ask them to try registering again.

If the DOB is correct, please ask them to try registering on a different device to that they have already used. For example, if they have used their mobile device to register, suggest for them to use a computer instead or a different mobile device.

If the above does not work, please go to Users > List > find the student > change the DOB to a different date > Save > go back into editing the DOB and change back to the original date > Save > send another registration.

If this does not work, please delete the student record and re-add the student as a new user. You will need to link the student to the parent and resend a registration link to the parent.