Student has left the school but the unsubscribed parent has not been deleted?

It is important to note that this will usually happen because the student was not removed through the Remove Leavers tool. They were manually deleted and the parent was not removed, leading them to unsubscribe to stop receiving communication.

To remove the parent now you will need to create a dummy child, link them together and then remove them through the ‘Remove Leavers’ tool. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Users > Create > Type: Student > Fill in the first name, surname, date of birth, year and reg. Then click Save.
  2. To link the dummy child to the unsubscribed parent, click on ‘Actions’ and then ‘Add New Relationship’
  3. Click on ‘Select a user’ and select the unsubscribed parent. Then select ‘Parent’ under the relationship box and click ‘Add Relationship’ NOTE: If there are multiple unsubscribed parents you will need to repeat this step to link all unsubscribed parents to this dummy child.
  4. To remove everyone, click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Remove Leavers’ and click on the red ‘Remove Leavers’ button.
  5. The address book will pop up. Search for the dummy child and click ‘Confirm’ The system will ask you to confirm you wish to delete this student and once you have done this, all the unsubscribed parents linked to this student will be deleted.

To ensure this does not happen again, always remove students through the ‘Remove Leavers’ tool. It ensures that the students, alongside their parents, are removed swiftly and with ease.