What do parents see when they log in to ParentMail?

Web view

This is what the parent feed looks like. At the top is the message of the day, which ParentMail sets to keep parents informed of website updates or the latest ParentMail news.

Across the top toolbar parents will be able to access “Guided Tours”, the help site, view their notifications or change their personal settings.

The parent feed shows the list of available applications the school are using. The example above shows a school that is using all available applications. If the school have sent parents a new message, they will receive a notification on the right hand side. They will also receive an email, or a notification if they are using the App.

The mobile view

On the App, parents will also be able to see the menu view and will be able to select applications from this menu – depending on whether or not your school has purchased these applications. To change their details or settings, they can simply scroll down in the menu.

For specific help on viewing messages, completing forms or viewing events, for example, you can visit the parent help site which has further information.