Why are some of our parents not receiving communications?

Please find the parent by clicking Users on the left hand menu and then List in the sub menu. Search for the user and then on their profile you will find a tab called Email History. If you can see the email here, then the parent has been targeted. Ask them to check their Junk/Spam folders, and add info@parentmail.co.uk to their address book within their email account.

If the email does not appear under email history, the parent has not been targeted. View the parent’s profile under Users > List, and ensure that they are connected to their child. Ensure that the child is in the correct groups and only has the ‘Student’ User Type (found by clicking ‘Show’ in the User Types area of their profile). Finally, if the communication has been sent using the ‘Send to Primary Contacts Only’ functionality, ensure that the parent is marked as a primary contact.

Please note: If your parent downloads the ParentMail App on their smartphone – messages will always be delivered here regardless of their email security.

You should also check that you have the correct email address entered for the parent within your ParentMail account. If they are showing as Not Connected, you can simply edit the email address and send the parent a registration link to confirm they have received the email. If they show as Connected, please connect to Live Chat so that ParentMail can take a look to see what email address the parent has registered with previously; the parent could have registered with a typo in their email address. ParentMail will then advise you accordingly.

If the email address is correct, the parent should then check their Junk/Spam folders. If their domain does not recognise info@parentmail.co.uk as an email address that usually sends the parent emails, they will automatically assume it is spam.

If both have been checked and there is still an issue, please connect ParentMail on Live Chat to check if the email address was delivered to the parent or if there is a further issue.