A parent has informed us their student's dinner balance is not showing correctly

If a parent notifies you that their students dinner balance is displaying incorrectly, please check the following: (Please follow the guides accordingly if you are a cashless school, or using registers).

Cashless Catering

Please check in Payments > Cashless Reconciliation. Please search for the student, and click on their blue balance.

Here you can see all top ups, adjustments and sales. If you can see a pending balance here, this can be as a result of the tills being off and not updating. In this instance, please turn the tills on.

If the balance is still pending, please contact your till provider, and request they reflect these pending balances back to ParentMail. Once received ParentMail will publish the balances correctly.

For more information on Cashless Catering please click here.


To check the balance, please check in Registers > Register Activity > and search for the student. Please click on the blue balance, and you can see here all top ups, adjustments, and all lunches taken. Please note, the parent can also see this within their app by going into Payments > History.

The balance may be showing incorrectly if there was a lunch taken incorrectly, or the student may be in the wrong price band, so the debits taken are incorrect. If any amendments need to be made, the school can do this from Registers > Balance adjustment tool or by processing a refund within Register Activity by clicking on the students Current Balance in blue and selecting Refund in the top left hand corner.

For more information on Registers please click here.