How do my parents register via email as a new user?

A parent will receive an email registration link if you hold an email address for them in your ParentMail account.

If the parent has never registered for PMX ParentMail previously, they will need to follow the instructions below to register as a new user.

Receiving the registration email

A registration link can take a couple of minutes to be delivered to the parents’ mailbox. The parent should have received an email that looks like this:

If they have received this email, they will need to click ‘Register’. If they haven’t received the email, the email could possibly be found in their Spam/Junk folder. Please ask them to check here and ensure they have changed their settings to mark ParentMail as a safe sender. They should also add to their contact address book to avoid missing out on emails.

Registering their account

Once they have clicked ‘Register’ they should see this window:

They will need to select “I don’t have a ParentMail PMX account”.

Once they have selected this option, they will need to enter the date of birth for their child. Simply type in the DOB or use the arrow on the far right to select from the calendar.

Once they have entered the date of birth, they will need to select ‘Verify Now…’

They will now need to check that their details are correct – if not, they can simply type over the information we have displayed for them. The parent will then need to create a password.

Once done, simply select ‘Complete Registration’.

Success! The parent will now receive messages for all their child/children at this school. Don’t worry if they have more than one child at this school as they will now receive messages for both/all. They can then click ‘Let’s Go’ to visit their ParentMail feed – after this, they can download the free mobile App so that they can pick up messages on the go!

Downloading the ParentMail App

If the parent has an iPhone or Android device, we recommend they download the free parent App to pick up school messages instantly!

If they are logged in on a computer, their feed will look like the image below:

They may not be able to see any messages in their feed yet – it may be that you haven’t sent any messages to the parent specifically! Once you do begin sending communications home through ParentMail, they will see notification badges appear on each application.

To download and print these instructions here is a PDF guide: