How do my parents register via SMS as a new user?

A parent will receive a mobile registration link if you hold a mobile number for them in your ParentMail account.

If the parent has never registered for PMX ParentMail previously, they will need to follow the instructions below to register as a new user.

Receiving your registration text

Once you have sent the registration text, the parent will receive the text below. They will need to click on the link in the text to register their account.

They will be taken to a screen as shown below:

The parent should then click ‘I don’t have a ParentMail PMX account’.

The parent will then be asked to enter a date of birth – they will need to select the date here and click ‘Verify Now’.

The parent will then need to check through their personal details – they can change these by typing in the boxes and overwriting any information that is displayed.

After this, they will need to create a password and enter it (twice, to ensure there’s no spelling mistakes!) then click ‘Complete Registration’.

Success! They will now receive messages for all their child/ren at your school. Don’t worry if they have more than one child at this school as they will now receive messages for both/all.

They can click ‘Let’s Go’ to visit their ParentMail feed – after this, they can download the free mobile App so that they can pick up messages on the go!

To download and print these instructions here is a PDF guide: