Cashless Catering

Parents will be processing payments through PMX to allow their child to have dinner money available for when they are back in school. Please remember the payment will be pending and the balance will not be updated until the tills communicate with PMX.

There may be multiple reasons why a student does not appear to have a valid cashless account link. For new intake, please ensure that the tills are communicating and this ensures the data is processed via PMX – balances should show if this is the case. If you try to take a manual order for dinner money and you are unable to see a top-up option for dinner, this signifies that there is an issue with either the cashless account or the linking between your tills and PMX.

  • If the tills are communicating yet the students cashless account is not showing on PMX, then it may be an issue caused by a non-existent link. To check this, you need to select cashless account linking from within the payments section and this will present a list of all the till accounts that are not assigned to a PMX account.
  • However, if there is an incorrect link they will not show in cashless account linking, if this occurs please get in contact with us and we will help you resolve this.