Exporting staff data from Scholarpack

Login to ScholarPack.

At the top, you will see 5 menu tabs. Click on ‘Admin’.

A sub-menu will now appear. Click the ‘Config’ icon.

Now click on ‘Data Exports’.

In the list of data exports, search for ‘ParentMail’ and then click onto the report listed below, staff information.

Next, select the Generate CSV button for the report to download to your browser.

Once the report has downloaded to your browser, open the report and click ‘File’ > ‘Save’. Choose the location where you would like to save the file and click ‘Save’.

Import to Parentmail –

Within ParentMail, to go ‘Imports’ > ‘Create Import’ > Select ‘CSV file’ and find the file that you just saved.

Click ‘Queue Import’ – once the file has been imported you will be notified by email of its progress. Imported files can be seen under ‘Imports’ > ‘Imports’.

Once you have imported your data into ParentMail, you may receive a ‘warning’ or ‘error’ message on your report. The guide below will help you understand why and how to correct the rejections:

‘Understanding the rejected records report’ – click here to download.

For further support, please contact us on Live Chat.