Manual Data Management

We may be able to extract your data from your MIS system, however, this will need to be reformatted into our spreadsheet templates so that it will import into ParentMail. We have created a guide to help you with this. It is very important that these spreadsheets are filled in correctly; if there are errors it may mean we are unable to import your data.

Below are the two templates which you will need to input your data into. These are also mentioned in the guide below.

PMX Import Template– click here to download

Staff PMX Import Template – click here to download

To use the import templates, please download the file from the above links and please press the down arrow to save.


Once you have imported your data, the system will provide you with a spreadsheet showing all the items of data that it was not possible to add, and the reason why. The below guide will explain in greater detail the rejections you may get.