How do I set up my Auto Link with Integris?

1. Login to Integris and click on Modules > System Management > RM Integris Datashare

2. Scroll down and locate ParentMail in the list of partners > Click on the ParentMail icon.

3. Click ‘Grant access’ at the bottom right.

4. A confirmation dialogue should appear confirming that the link is authenticated. Please note, this message will warn of a 15 minute delay on going live, however, you should allow a 24 hour wait.

5. Optional – If you ever need to withdraw access for any reason, you can simply repeat the steps in this guide but press the ‘Withdraw Access’ button.

6. Once you have granted access, please contact us via live chat or via email as we will need enable the link from our end.

Congratulations! Your ParentMail account is now linked to Integris and will be kept up to date automatically every 24 hours.