How do I set up my Auto Link with Progresso?

Log into your ParentMail account, go to Settings and go to MIS Link. If you click on ‘MIS Link’ and the page doesn’t appear, it may be that you do not have the correct permissions. Please ask your main org admin user to enable the permissions for you.

To get started, simply select your MIS provider from the list – currently we provide links for SIMS, ScholarPack and Progresso.

Select Progresso and a new page will load, asking for a Username and Password which will be given to you by your provider.

Once you have entered this information you will be able to select which imports you would like to sync from Class/Teacher, Tutors, Staff and Student/Parent export.

Finally, you will select the frequency in which your MIS will sync with ParentMail, ranging from Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Please note, the sync will always run on the day you set it up, and will then run on that day the following week or month, if you have selected these options as your frequency.

Once you have clicked Save your link will be set up. Now you can see details of your MIS Link and from this page you can disable the link, run a manual sync, import your pre-admissions or change your provider.

The ‘Disable Link’ button will turn off your link – this may be useful if you wish to roll up data in your MIS for your new intake. You can enable the link at any time by clicking ‘Enable Link’.

The ‘Manual Sync’ button can be used if you have a new user on your MIS and need them updating on your ParentMail system before the next scheduled sync will run.

You can manually import your pre-admissions (draft) students by clicking this button.

If you change your MIS provider at any time, you can simply remove your current link and create a new one by selecting ‘Change Provider’.


To check if your link is running correctly, go to Settings > MIS Links > and you will be able to see details of your link. If the link is not working, you will find details on this page: