How do I set up my Auto Link with SIMS?

The instructions to install the SIMS Autolink will be found in the main administrator’s ParentMail account. Click into Settings > MIS Link > SIMS > Installation Instructions to download a PDF guide.

If you are locally hosted for SIMS (you have a SIMS server/a machine that runs overnight within the school) you must ensure the software is installed directly on the SIMS Server, and not on a local machine.

If you are centrally hosted for SIMS (your SIMS server is hosted elsewhere) you will need to log a request with the entity who host your SIMS to provide you with the ‘Open VPN Connector’ program. This program should be installed on your work station. You can then install the SIMS Autolink software directly on the ‘Open VPN connector’.

If you are unsure about your Server setup, please enquire with your IT department, and contact us on Live Chat if you have any questions.

When the SIMS Autolink updates, it will not change the following:

Please note, we recommended this installation be completed by your IT technician. If you have any further questions, please contact ParentMail on Live Chat.