Why can't I access the MIS Link page?

To set up your auto link, log into your ParentMail account, go to Settings and go to MIS Link.If you click on ‘MIS Link’ and the page doesn’t appear, it may be that you do not have the correct permissions. Please ask your main organisation admin user to enable the permissions for you.

To enable the permissions, your main organisation administrator simply needs to log in to your ParentMail account, go to Users > List and search for the member of staff who will need to access this page.

Once you’ve found the user, simply click the green Actions button, then click Permissions. The permissions which need to be enabled to access the MIS Link page can be found under “Manage Settings”. Please ensure “MIS Integration” permissions are enabled.

Simply scroll to the bottom, click Save, and this user will now be able to access the MIS Link page.