How do I remove my leavers?

If you want to remove a single student or an entire year, we advise you do this through the Remove Leavers tool. A great benefit of the Remove Leavers tool is that it removes the student along with their parents who have no other links in the school. If parents have a child in another year at the school, they will remain on the system.

Please note, you are not able to remove staff through the Remove Leavers tool. Instead, you will need to go to Users, into the List, find and select the member of staff, click onto Actions and Delete.

To find the Remove Leavers tool, go to Settings in your left-hand menu. Click onto the Remove Leavers tab from the sub-menu.

Click onto the red Remove Leavers button which will open the Contact Book.

Select the users you wish to remove by ticking the check boxes next to their name. You can remove individuals and bulk of students/& parents.

Select Confirm in the bottom right hand corner. You will be displayed with a Request to Remove Users message. The system will then confirm to you the amount of students who have been selected and the parents linked to them.

Please read carefully and understand the process here.

Once you have read, you can click:

  • Cancel - to start again or go back to ParentMail without removing any student or parent.
  • Remove Parents Only - to keep the students on the system and only remove their contacts.
  • Remove Students and Parents - remove all users that you have selected.

If you click onto Remove Parents Only or Remove Students and Parents, you will be asked to re-confirm the deletion of the users. Click Yes if you are happy or No to go back.

If you have removed them, please click F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page and clear the browser cache.