How do I create a new event?

Go to ‘Events’ on the left hand menu and select ‘Create’. You will then need to fill out the form to create your event.

  • Event Name – To start, you will need to give your event a name – this can include special characters and numbers (although simply clear names work best!) We advise you give the event a name parents will recognise or can work out what the event is from the title.
  • Start Time / End Time – Next choose the date the event will take place and the start time. Select the end time for the event – make sure this time is after the start time otherwise you will receive an error when you save the event.
  • You can select any date in the calendar including the weekend; moving the slider at the bottom will allow you to change the start time.
  • You can create Events for the future or create an Event for the past to be recorded on ParentMail.
  • Attendees – After this you will need to choose the attendees. Click into the field ‘Click to select attendees’ and the contact book will appear. With Meetings and Events you can create large events or one on one events and there is no limit to the amount you can set up. Please note, you can only set up events for parents and/or students.
  • Location – Enter the location of your event here. This is optional and you can include special characters as well as numbers.
  • Notes – You can add optional notes about the event here, you can include special characters as well as numbers.
  • Requires confirmation of attendance – If you want parents, students or both to confirm their attendance, tick this box and select which option from the drop-down field. When you have selected an option, you will see options appear for ‘Booking Window’ and ‘Places Available’.
  • Booking Window Start and Booking Window End – This section allows you to schedule when parents will be able to confirm attendance to the event. You can set the Booking Window for the future.
  • Places Available – This section is for you to enter the number of places that are available to attend the Event. For example: 20 places will allow 20 parents to confirm attendance and then no other parents will be able to attend.
  • Repeating event – If the event is happening regularly, you can repeat it as daily, weekly or 4 weekly. Next, select when the event will repeat till – this can be a specific date or forever. Selecting ‘Specific Date’ will show you a field where you can select the date and time. If you reach a point where the event will no longer be repeated, you can simply delete it.
  • Send automatic reminders – You can also set reminders to send to parents – from 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days or 1 week before the event or no reminders. Reminders can be SMS, Email or both.

You will then save your meeting or event once you are happy with all of the above options.