How do I view or edit my meetings or events?

To view events that you have created, go to ‘Events’ and ‘List’. There are three separate ways you can search for your event:

Search by month: If you know your event is in June, use the drop down box and select June, and you will see all the events for this month.

Search by year: If you are looking for all events taking place next year, use the second drop down box and select the year. You will see all the events in that year.

Type in the name of your event to further narrow the search. Please note, you will need to have selected the correct month and year.

Once you have found the event you want, select it and the event information will appear on the right hand side. Here you can view the date and time, who created the event and the date it was created, who is invited, and any notes that have been added.

To edit the event click ‘Actions’, then ‘Edit’. From here you can edit the title of the event, start date and time, if you want to repeat the event, if you want to set reminders for the event, or if you want to change/add some notes to the event. You can also invite more people by clicking the ‘Add Involving Members’ button, and adding new recipients here.

Please note; you will be unable to edit sections that are grayed out.