How do I set up a parents’ evening?

To create a new parents’ evening, simply find the Parents’ Evening tab on the left-hand menu and select ‘Create New Evening’. The following message will appear:

The above message relates to your ParentMail data roll up. If you have completed a roll up of your data please click Yes and you will be directed to another page in the help site to help you with the parents’ evening data.

If you have not completed a ParentMail data roll up, click No and this will take you to the parents’ evening screen. NB: Before setting up the Parents’ Evening, please ensure you have completed a data roll up. Data is usually rolled up during the summer holidays. To do this, please click on the following link and return to this page once completed. If you do not complete a data roll up, the students will not appear in the correct classes, you may still have old students in ParentMail and new students may not appear.

Now simply follow the steps below to create your Parents Evening.

NB: At the top of the ‘Create New Evening’ page you will have a ‘Show Me How’ option, this will take you through how to create a new parent evening on-screen.

  1. First enter the name of your evening within the “Evening Name” field. This will be the name of the event, for example ‘Parents Evening’

2. Next you have a selection of tick boxes you can tick or un-tick:

  • Include Form Tutors– Tick this option if parents are only seeing one teacher for their child.
  • Include Subject Tutors– Tick this option if parents are seeing multiple teachers for their child. Please note only one of these options should be selected, so please de-select the option you do not require.
  • Allow phone call requests– Parents will have the option to request a call back from the teacher.
  • Allow parent to leave notes on appointments– Parents will have the option to leave a note for the teacher when they book.
  • Only one appointment per teacher per student– If you are setting up a parents’ evening where you will need both parents to have a separate appointment make sure that the ‘Only one appointment per teacher per student’ is de-selected. Parents will be able to see any appointments already booked by the other parent. Please note that if this option is de-selected, all parents will be able to make more than one appointment.

3. In the “information about where the evening is being held” field, please add information about where the evening is being held. For example, if parents will meet the teachers in the teaching classrooms, or if appointments will be held in the school hall etc. You will not be able to save the session you are creating without including this information.

4. Under the ‘Students’ section you will be able to select the students invited to the evening.

  • Click ‘Add Studentsand the Contact Book will appear. You can then choose which students you would like to invite to the parents evening. At this point please make sure the number of students you have selected, is the number of students that should be in the parents’ evening. If the number is incorrect, please go to the left hand-side of ParentMail > Groups > Group Types > Year or Registration and cross reference here to find out why the numbers in ParentMail differ.
  • If you are setting up a parents’ evening where you will need both parents to have a separate appointment make sure that you add the students to ‘Students that require separate bookings per parent' list. Please note that if this option is not used, only 1 parent can book a slot.

5. Under the ‘Session’ section you will be able to choose the dates, start and end time and the appointment length.

  • Date – Enter the date of the Parents’ Evening.
  • Start Time– Enter the start time of the Parents’ Evening. This is the first appointment available.
  • End Time– Enter the time the evening ends. For example, if appointments are 10 minutes long and the last appointment is 17:20, the time you need to enter in this field will be 17:30.
  • Appointment Length– Choose the appointment length from the drop-down menu. How long you require the appointment slots to be?
  • Add Session – If you want to add multiple dates for your Parents’ Evening, simply select Add Session and repeat the steps above. If you do not require another session, please move onto the next section. If you have accidentally clicked this button, simply click the red bin icon and the last session you have added will be removed.

6. The ‘Booking Window’ section will enable you to set a time to when parents are able to book appointments to and from.

  • Booking Start– Click into this box and select the date that you want your parents to start making bookings for evening. We strongly advise creating your parents’ evening with the booking window to open in the future rather than immediately so that you can conduct spot checks on the teachers and settings before it goes live to parents.
  • Select a Booking End Time– Select from the drop-down list when you would like parents to stop making bookings for the Parents Evening.

7. If you want to send out a reminder email before the end of the booking window of the first session, select from the drop-down list via ‘Reminders’ to choose how many days beforehand you would like this email to be sent. Please make sure the reminder works with “online bookings close” date. For example, if you choose to close the window 24 hours before but a reminder is due to go out 1 day before, parents will not be able to book as the window has been closed.

NB: Please double check all the information in the set-up of the Parents’ Evening before you click save.

We strongly recommend that your Booking Start date is in the future (you can even select an hour later) because once you have saved the event and the item goes into the ‘Accepting Bookings’ stage you will only be able to amend the name of the Parents Evening and the notes.

Once you are happy with your set up, click Save and the evening will be created.

Please Click Here to block out slots, block out breaks and amend any information you have created.