Why are parents unable to book parents' evening appointments?

Please ensure that the child and parent are in your Users > List section and that the parent’s profile says ‘Connected’.

Please note: A parent who has recently registered will only be able to see evenings they have been invited to within a 7-day window.

Next, ensure that the child has been invited to the evening. To do this, within Parents’ Evening on your ParentMail account, click ‘Actions’, select ‘Modify Parent Bookings’ and search for the child. To do this, type in the surname of the child and click enter. If they do not appear then they have not been invited.

There are 2 reasons this can happen:

1. This is likely to be because they have not been successfully imported when the parents’ evening import was run. Please ensure a new import is run before setting up further evenings.

2. The student may be assigned to another user type, other than “student”. To investigate this, please go to Users > List and search for the student. Click on the student, then scroll down to the bottom right and Under User Type, click “Show”. The only user type for a student should be “Student” If you can see “Parent” please click the red bin icon.

As the evening is now live, you will not be able to include this child in the evening. To resolve, in Parents Evening > List please click ‘Actions’, then ‘Modify Teacher Availability’ and block out a slot with the relevant teacher for that parent.