Adding SENCO for Specific Students – Whole School Evening

Follow the instructions below to include the SENCO, for specific students, to a whole school evening.

You will be working on the Class Teacher Export, whether you are a Primary or Secondary school. This will allow you to add multiple teachers against a student.

  • Ensure SENCO is set up on ParentMail as a user. If they are not, please go to Users > Create > Staff > Enter in their details > Save
  • Go to ParentMail > Reports > General Reports
  • Find and click on the report: Parents Evening: Class Teacher report > Generate Report –
  • After the report has finished generating, you will find the CSV download button to click onto –
  • Open the report and you will find a list of students and teachers, under a list of columns headers
  • Go through and check you whole school data is correct:
  • Check Teachers are set up on here correctly:
  • Add any ‘WorkEmail’ that are missing
  • Check that each teacher has a specific ID to their record
  • Add a Class and Subject that are missing:
  • ‘Class’ column is to help you assign the students to the right class/teacher
  • ‘Subject’ column is to show the parents what the class is regarding (e.g. Maths, SENCO etc)
  • Ensure you have removed any leaver rows off this spreadsheet

We are now going to add in the SENCO for the specific students.

  • One at a time or as a bulk, you need to copy the details of the specific students who will be seeing the SENCO. The details you will need to copy are from columns A to F –
  • Paste the copied values below the last student row –
  • It should now appear with a list of students without any ‘Teacher’ details –

We are now going to add the details of the SENCO beside the specific students.

  • Go back to ParentMail > Reports > General Reports
  • Find the report ‘Staff Export’ and Generate
  • After this is downloaded, click onto the CSV button to open the report onto your screen
  • Find the SENCO on this list and copy the details –
  • Go back to the Class Teacher Export
  • Beside the details of the specific students that will be seeing the SENCO, paste the details of the SENCO from column I to column L –
  • It should now appear as –

OPTIONAL: Add a WorkEmail for the SENCO, if you would to email the SENCO a list of their appointments

  • Within column G and H for Class and Subject, we need to enter in ‘SENCO’. Simply click into the cell and type in SENCO –
  • Click onto the SENCO cell and double click onto the little square icon that you find on the bottom, right-hand corner of the cell.
  • It will populate ‘SENCO’ for the rest of the specific students.
  • Repeat the same into the next column for ‘Subject’ and you should now have the SENCO set up
  • You can now save the file as a CSV (comma delimited). Click ‘Yes’ if a warning message appears
  • Go into ParentMail > Imports > Create Import > Select CSV import file > find the file and click Open > click onto the Queue Import button.