Importing your data (Primary School - Non SIMS)

We recommend you follow these instructions if your students always have the same teacher for all subject groups.

Before you can begin using Parents’ Evening Manager, you will need to import student and teacher data into ParentMail so that you can assign the students to their classes and also which teacher will be attending for each class. Below are some easy steps on how to do this.

1) Where to enter your data

It is very important that you use the same Student ID’s that are already in ParentMail when importing data for Parents Evening Manager. If they are not the same then you will risk duplication of students. However we have created a useful tool which will enable you to export this information out of ParentMail ready for you to enter the teacher information.

  • Login to your ParentMail account and select ‘Reports’
  • Select ‘General Reports’
  • Choose ‘Parents Evening: Tutor Export’
  • Click ‘Generate Report’
  • Once the report has generated, select the ‘CSV’ download option

NB: If you have already generated this report before always select ‘Generate Report’ to generate a brand-new report

  • When the report had downloaded, you can then click to ‘Open’ the file
  • Your export will look similar to the example below:
  • Columns ‘A’ to ‘F’ will be automatically filled out for you as this is your student information.
  • Columns ‘G’ to ‘L’ will be blank if this is the first Tutors import you have done.

2) Completing the spreadsheet

The following columns are mandatory and will need to be populated with data:

StudentForename, StudentSurname, StudentID, DOB, Year, Reg, TutorForename, TutorSurname and TutorID.

It is very important that the columns are in the same order as the image above – if not the import will fail.

You must keep the headings for ‘WorkEmail’ and ‘Mobile’ however having the data populated is not mandatory. This information is used if creating a new record for a teacher (this information does not display to parents)

When entering the ‘TutorID’ it is advised to use the same ID that your teachers already have in PMX. You can find out what their ID is by going to:

  • Login to your ParentMail account and select ‘Reports’
  • Select ‘General Reports’
  • Choose the ‘Staff Export’
  • Click ‘Generate Report
  • You can then locate the ID number for the staff user and copy this into the ‘TutorID’ column.

NB: The ‘TutorID’ needs to be unique for each tutor; if you are adding a tutor to more than one student the ‘TutorID’ will need to be the same. See the below screenshot showing the file with completed data:

The reason we advise using the same TutorID which is already in the system is because if they were different you would find that you have a second user record created for that teacher. Using the same ID will also allow you to email the appointment sheets to your teachers so long as their user record on ParentMail has an email address listed.

If the teacher you are assigning is not already listed as a user on ParentMail you can enter in any ID you wish, so long as it is unique to them.

3) Format the DOB column

It is also important that the DOB is in the format ‘01 September 1996’. If it is not, please change the date format as follows:

  • Highlight the DOB column (column D).
  • Right click and select ‘Format Cells…’
  • Select the ‘Date’ category and choose the second option down so it is in its longest format

Once you have populated your spreadsheet with your students and tutors information it is now ready to import into ParentMail.

You can now save the file with the recommended file name ‘PMX2 Tutor Reg’, ensure that you are saving it as the file type ‘CSV (Comma Delimited)’.

4) Importing into ParentMail

  • Login to your ParentMail account and select ‘Imports’
  • Select ‘Create Import’
  • ‘Select CSV import file’, and find your ‘PMX2 Tutor Reg’ report that you have saved to your computer, select the file and ‘Open’
  • The file name will appear in green and you will now be able to select the ‘Queue Import’ option
  • You will then receive a ‘Success’ message to advise that your data has been queued for import

If when importing the CSV, you get an error saying: ‘This CSV isn’t valid for imports. Please check CSV headings.’ This means that one of the headings is either missing or incorrect, it needs to match exactly to how it is on the template.

Once the file has been successfully imported you will receive an email to confirm. The import may contain some rejected records due to missing information in one of the mandatory fields. This can easily be checked as follows:

  • Login to ParentMail
  • Select ‘Imports’ and ‘Imports’ again
  • The name of the file that you imported will be listed (most recent one will display at the top)
  • Select the ‘CSV’ option and open the file

This file will list any errors and in column ‘P’ it will advise you the reason why the record was either rejected or partially rejected. To rectify, update the information on the spreadsheet that you initially imported and re-import into ParentMail.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact our Support Team by clicking the Live Chat button located near the top left of your page when logged in to ParentMail.