Importing your data (Secondary School - SIMS)

We recommend you follow these instructions if your students have different subject groups with different teachers.

Before you can begin using Parents’ Evening Manager, you will need to import student and teacher data into ParentMail so that you can assign the students to their classes and also which teacher will be attending for each class. Below are some easy steps on how to do this.

1) Set third party reporting permission in SIMS

Before you start you need to ensure you have ‘Third Party reporting’ enabled in SIMS. To do this, please follow the instructions below. If you already have this, please skip to step 2.

You have to be the highest level of permission on SIMS to make the changes below:

  • In your SIMS, go to ‘Focus’
  • Then click on ‘System Manager’
  • Select ‘Manage Groups’
  • Double click on ‘Third Party Reporting’
  • On the ‘Member’ section, click on the ‘+ Add’ button to the right
  • Double click on the staff members name
  • Click on ‘OK’
  • To get the permission, the user will have to log out and then log back into the SIMS system

2) Importing the RptDef files into SIMS

The ‘Class Teacher RptDef’ file extracts the pupils ‘Subject’ groups along with some general information about the pupils.

You will only need to import this file into SIMS the first time you are going to run the report, if you have run the report previously, you can skip to step 3.

To install this into SIMS you will need to have Personnel Officer permissions within SIMS and will need to save the file onto your computer as follows:

  • Login to ParentMail
  • Select ‘Imports’ > ‘Create Import’ > ‘Downloads’
  • Click the ‘Class Teacher RptDef’ option and select ‘Save as’
  • Save the file to a location of your choice (wherever you will be able to select it from SIMS).
  • NB: Please ensure the file you have saved has ‘.rptdef’ at the end. If it shows as a ‘zip’ file, repeat the instructions above, this time when you select ‘Save as’ remove ‘.zip’ and replace with ‘.rptdef’. Also in ‘Save as type’ change this to ‘All Files (*.*)’, and select ‘Save’.

Please note that if you use the Google Chrome web browser that you will not be prompted to Save the file as it will be found in your Downloads folder, you can instead skip this step and import the file in to SIMS with the following instructions.

Once the file has been saved you will then need to import the file into SIMS as follows:

  • Click on ‘Reports’
  • Select ‘Import’
  • On the import window, click open and find the ‘PMX2 Class Teacher.rptdef’ file. Click on the file and click ‘OK’

The status of this file should now say ‘Pending’. Click ‘Import’ to Import the file. Then click on ‘Close’ to close the window.

3) Running the reports from SIMS

  • Click on ‘Reports’ and then ‘Run Report’.
  • Click on ‘Focus’ and then ‘Student’, locate ‘PMX2 Class Teacher’.
  • Double click on this and a pop up box will appear asking you to ‘Supply Effective Date’.
  • Set your effective date or leave the tick box ticked (using today’s date) and then Click on ‘OK’
  • On the ‘Export as text’ window select ‘Browse’ and find a location of your choice to save the file, you will need to give it a file name, e.g. ‘Class Teacher.csv’, it is vital that you add the file extension ‘ .csv’ to the end of the file name
  • Once saved, select ‘OK’ and it will give you the message that the file has been created

4) Check the data

Once both reports have been successfully run in SIMS and before you import the files into PMX you will need to check the files to make sure that it has the relevant information.

Please open the ParentMail Class Teacher file that you saved, which should be in Excel format.

Once you have opened the file it should look similar to the example below:

The fields below are mandatory and need to be populated with data. Without this the report will fail.

StudentForename, StudentSurname, StudentID, DOB, Year, Reg, Class, Subject, TeacherForename, TeacherSurname, TeacherID, WorkEmail and Mobile.

It is vital that column ‘C’ is populated with ‘StudentId’ and column ‘L’ with ‘TeacherID’. If these columns are not populated, the import will fail and this may be due to the person running the report not having 3rd Party Reporting Permission in SIMS. If this is the case, please refer to Step 1.

It is also important that the DOB is in the format ’01 January 2000’. If it is not, change it as follows:

  • Highlight the DOB column (column D)
  • Right click and select ‘Format Cells…’
  • Select the ‘Date’ category and choose the second DOB down.
  • Select ‘OK’ and this will update the DOB accordingly.

5) Importing into ParentMail

  • Login to ParentMail and select ‘Imports’
  • Select ‘Create Import’
  • ‘Select CSV import file’, and find your ‘Class Teacher’ report that you have saved to your computer, select the file and ‘Open’.
  • The file name will appear in green and you will now be able to select the ‘Queue Import’ option
  • You will then receive a ‘Success’ message to advise that it has been successfully queued for importing

Once the file has been successfully imported you will receive an email to confirm. The import may contain some rejected records due to missing information in one of the mandatory fields. This can easily be check as follows:

  • Login to ParentMail.
  • Select ‘Imports’ and ‘Imports’ again
  • The name of the file that you imported will be listed (most recent one will display at the top)
  • Select the ‘CSV’ option and open the file

This file will list here any errors and in column ‘P’ it will advise you the reason why the record was either rejected or partially rejected. To rectify, update the information on the spreadsheet that you initially imported and re-import into PMX.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact our Support Team by clicking the Live Chat button located near the top left of your page when logged in to ParentMail