Importing your data (Secondary Schools - Non SIMS)

We recommend you follow these instructions if your students have different subject groups with different teachers and if you have multiple teachers per year/registration group.

Before you can begin using Parents’ Evening Manager, you will need to import student and teacher data into ParentMail so that you can assign the students to their classes and which teacher will be attending for each class. Below are simple steps on how to do this.

1) Generating the Parents Evening: Class Teacher report.

The process is now easier than ever as the Parents Evening: Class Teacher report will pre-populate information for Students. This means that you will only need to fill in information for the classes and teachers.

Our ‘Parents Evening: Class Teacher’ report can be found by going to Reports > Generate.

After the report has generated and you have opened the spreadsheet, it will appear as this:

2) Adding class and subjects for students

The report will only show the basic information of the student and what year and registration group they are assigned too. Now you will need to add information for ‘Class’ and ‘Subject’ against each Student.

Please note that the Subject is what the Parents can see and the Class information is what you can see and creates the classes.

  • Start with the generic ‘Tutor’ class. Type ‘Tutor’ in both the ‘Class’ and ‘Subject’ columns and highlight both fields:
  • Now you need to double-click onto the green square button on the bottom, right-hand corner on the highlighted fields. This will add ‘Tutor’ for every student:
  • You will notice that this is only one class per student. To add additional classes onto the spreadsheet for each student; start by highlighting the entire row for the Student:
  • Right click on the highlighted fields to copy the details.
  • After this, click onto the row below the first record of the Student and click ‘Insert Copied Cells’:
  • The row will then duplicate for the student. You can ‘Insert Copied Cells’ as many times as you need for every class the Student requires:
  • You are now going to change the Class and Subject name for each duplicated row for the student so that they appear in the class they require an appointment for. The Class name is the important field to be aware of as this is what assigns the students to the class. The Subject field is what the parent can see:

3) Adding teacher’s information to the spreadsheet.

Now that all the classes and subject have been added, you need to add the teacher’s details against each class.

  • Highlight the whole spreadsheet > click onto the Data tab > click ‘Sort.
  • Tick the box for ‘My data has headers’ > Sort by Class > Add Level > Then by Subject > OK:
  • The spreadsheet will then sort itself in order of Class and Subject so that it is easier to enter in the teachers for one whole class:

You now need to enter the details for the teachers. If the teacher is a staff user on ParentMail, you can generate the ‘Staff Export’ report to take the information we require. If the teacher does not exist on ParentMail, you will need to create their details manually on the spreadsheet.

To avoid the manual workaround, it will be easier for you to create the Staff through Users > Create and then follow the method of generating the ‘Staff Export’ to take the information we require.

  • If you have the teachers set up as Users on ParentMail; go to Reports > General Reports > Staff Export > Generate.
  • Open the CSV file to find a list of the staff members:
  • Copy the information from Title to ContactID for the teacher > go to the Parents Evening: Class Teacher report > on the row for the student you are working on > click the field below the TeacherTitle header > right click and paste details:

Columns WorkEmail and Mobile are not mandatory, therefore you can leave these blank. We do advise for you to fill in WorkEmail so that the teachers can be emailed the list of appointments. If you do include this information, it will not be displayed to your parents.

  • In the end, the report should appear with each class/subject listed with the right teacher for each student.
  • If the teachers are not Users on ParentMail, you will need to create the details: TeacherTitle, TeacherForename, TeacherSurname and TeacherID on the report. When you do this, it will create the teacher as a new user on ParentMail for you.
  • After entering in the details for TeacherTitle, TeacherForename and TeacherSurname, you will be creating an TeacherID. The ID will start as: MAN-. For example: MAN-TestTeacher123. Every teacher should have a unique ID. Please see below:
  • Please note: If you are adding MAN- ID’s as: MAN-TestTeacher 123, you will need to copy the teachers details across two students and then highlight the fields from TeacherTitle to TeacherID > drag the green square box on the bottom right-hand corner of the field until you have reached the last student for this class. This avoids creating duplicates of one teacher. Please copy the details you have entered for the second child:
  • One you have entered in the details > highlight the fields from TeacherTitle to TeacherID for both students > drag the green square box on the bottom right-hand corner of the field until you have reached the last student for this class:
  • This will add the teachers details for the rest of the students in the class:

Please do this for the other teachers.

4) Saving the report.

After adding the teacher’s details to the spreadsheet, you will need to save the file ready for you to import into ParentMail.

Before saving the file, it is essential to change the DOB date format from (for example): 16-Aug-17 to 16 August 2017.

This is due to the requirements the spreadsheet needs to be set for ParentMail to accept the data. If this is not changed and you import the spreadsheet, the spreadsheet will be rejected and you will have to amend the rejections and re-import.

  • Highlight column ‘D’ for DOB > right click > Format Cells:
  • Select ‘Date’ in the Category list > choose format type of ‘*14 March 2012’ > OK:
  • This will then change the format to display correctly:
  • Click File > Save As > Browse > find the location to save the file > File Name: enter in the name of this report. You can name this as ParentsEveningClassImport2017 > Save as type: Ensure you select CSV (Comma delimited) here > Save.

5) Importing into ParentMail.

  • Go to ParentMail > select Imports > select Create Import > click onto Select CSV import file:
  • Find your ‘ParentsEveningClassImport2017’ report that you have saved to your documents > select the file > click Open.
  • The file name will appear in green and you will now be able to select the ‘Queue Import’ option:
  • You will then receive a ‘Success’ message to advise that your data has been queued for import.
  • If when importing the CSV, you get an error saying: ‘This CSV isn’t valid for imports. Please check CSV headings.’ This would mean that one of the headings is either missing or incorrect, it would need to match exactly to how it is on the template. The order of the headings should be:
  • Once the file has been successfully imported you will receive an email to confirm. The import may contain some rejected records due to missing information in one of the mandatory fields. This can easily be checked as followed…go to ParentMail > select Imports and Imports again. The name of the file that you imported will be listed (most recent one will display at the top):
  • Select the ‘CSV’ option and open the file. This file will list here any errors and in column ‘P’ it will advise you the reason why the record was either rejected, partially rejected or a warning only.
  • To rectify, update the information on the spreadsheet that you initially imported and re-import into ParentMail. Please remember that if you closed the spreadsheet down, you will need to change the date format for the DOB column and save the file after updating the details.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact our Support Team by clicking the Live Chat button located near the top left of your page when logged in to ParentMail.