How do I edit, or cancel a parents’ evening?

Under ‘List’ find the Parents Evening that you would like to view, and select the ‘Actions’button and you will see a screen similar to the screenshot below:

  • Edit Evening – You are able to edit an evening once the item has been created, however now that the evening is in the ‘Accepting Bookings’ stage, you are very limited to what you can amend because it is at the stage where it is ‘live’ to your parents. Everything that you will be unable to change will be greyed out.

Cancel Evening – This will enable you to cancel the Parents Evening if necessary. When cancelling, the system will allow you to send out a notification to your parents to advise them that the event has been cancelled via SMS or email. You will be able to manually type in the message you would like to send to parents to explain why the evening has been cancelled.

Modify/Make Parent Bookings – If you needed to manually book an appointment for a child, please use this function. The first screen will look like below:

In the first field, type in the surname of the child and click enter (or return on your keyboard) then tick the name of the child you would like to make a booking for.

In the second field select the parent the booking is for. Please note if you have not the student to the "separate bookings per parent" list when creating the evening, you will only be able to make one appointment per child.

Finally, in the third field select the session and choose the slot the parent would like to book.

If the slot needs to be changed simply follow all the steps above, find the slot you have booked and click the “Cancel Booking” option.

Modify Teacher Availability – You can modify a teacher’s availability for the parents’ evening through this section. Simply select the teacher through the drop-down menu. If you leave a slot “green” the slot is available for parents to book. To mark a slot as unavailable, click once on a slot to mark it as “red”. If you wanted to reserve a specific time for a ‘walk in slot’, double click on a slot to make it “orange”

If a slot is marked in purple, it means that a parent has already booked a slot, but you can overwrite this if necessary.

You will notice you can also click the green “Mark all unavailable” button to make all slots unavailable and parents will no longer be able to book them. You can also click the green “Substitute Teacher” button to add in a ‘Substitute teacher’ in case the current teacher is no longer available to attend the evening. Simply select the teacher you would like to swap the current teacher with and click “Save”

  • Bulk Modify Teacher Availability – This will only be available when the status is ‘Setup’ mode. You can block out the same slots for all teachers using this function.
  • Resend Reminders – Please click this option to resend the reminders of when the evening is taking place. Please see the message that your parents will see below:
  • Substitute Teachers – This allows you to swap a teacher with another staff user on the system, provided they aren’t already assigned to another class.
  • Add Subject – You can add a subject to the Parents Evening, by searching for the teacher and entering in the subject name. When using this option, please note all parents will be able to book an appointment for this teacher/subject.
  • Email appointments to staff – The staff members will be emailed their appointment booking sheet. Please only click the option once. If you do click it multiple times, staff members will receive multiple emails!
  • Email appointments to parents – The parents that have appointments booked in will be emailed reminding them of their appointment time.