How do I see a list of parents’ evenings?

Under the ‘List’ section of Parents Evening Manager, you will be able to view the Parents Evenings that you have created and generate reports for each one.

At the top of your list of items you will find a ‘Search’ function to search for a specific Parents’ Evening. Alternatively, there is a drop-down arrow just below the search box, where you will be able to filter. Your Filter options are as follows:

Creating – This status relates to the moment you set up a Parents’ Evening and the system is creating the event. It tends to be a quick process, but it does depend on how many sessions the system needs to create. A handy tip is to refresh the page (F5) to force the browser to update.

Setup – Once the evening has been created but the booking start date is pending, the status will change to Setup. This is how you know it is not yet live to parents and your session is fully editable at this stage.

Accepting Bookings – The Parents Evening is now available for parents to start making bookings and your freedom to edit the evening is now limited.

Bookings Closed – At this point parents are no longer able to book appointments for the Parents Evening. As an administrator however, you will still be able to make manual bookings for parents.

Completed – Once the Parents Evening has passed, the stage will change to Completed.

Cancelled – If the Parents Evening was cancelled the stage will appear as Cancelled

Error – There are a couple of reasons why you may see this stage. Please see below:

  1. There is an error with the data imported. Please check your rejection list. Click here for a guide on how to do this.
  2. Check the data for your parents’ evening by going to Reports (on the left hand-side of ParentMail > General Reports > Parents Evening: Tutor Export or Parents Evening: Class Teacher > Generate Report > CSV. Here you will find the data that is populating the parents’ evening. Please check all teachers are listed against the right class.
  3. When setting up the parents’ evening, two tick boxes are automatically selected for you. They are “Include Form Tutors” and “Include Subject Tutors”. Only one of these tick boxes should be selected. It may be that you have not de-selected “Include Subject Tutors” but this option should have been unticked. At this point you won’t be able to edit the evening you have tried to create as it has been removed. Please go back to Parents Evening >Create New Evening and ensure this time the option is unticked.