How can I generate barcodes to allow parents to top up at a ‘PayPoint’ provider?

If you have PayPoint enabled in your payment settings, you will be able to generate PayPoint barcodes for your parents. To check, go to Payments > Settings and you will be able to see if PayPoint is enabled or not.

Select ‘Payments’ from the left hand menu, then select ‘Cashless Reconciliation’. On this page you will be able to select any or all users who you wish to generate a barcode for. To do this, simply click on the box next to each student’s name or click at the top of the list to select everyone.

You can use the ‘Balance under’ option at the top of the page to search for everyone with a low or negative balance. Simply type in the amount and press the green ‘Filter’ option. You will then need to press the Select option at the top to select all.

Once this is done press ‘Resend Barcodes’ to generate the barcodes for the parents.