How do I use the cashless linking tool?

The cashless linking tool should be reviewed after every import or user update to ensure the profiles on your till system have been linked with your ParentMail records. If accounts have not been linked, parents will not be able to top up their child’s dinner balance. To do this, go to Payments > Cashless Account Linking – if this page is blank it means all your accounts are correctly linked.

If you can see names, this is showing you which users are not correctly linked to the till. To connect these accounts, click into the box on the right hand side and start typing the users name to search for them.

A user will not be linked automatically if there is a difference in details, so in the case of a user being called Alex on the till system and Alexander on ParentMail, this would cause the match to reject. When linking the profile, the system will advise you of the difference, to check if you wish to proceed.

You can click on the blue Current Balance at any time to get a transaction breakdown for that account.

When you are happy, click ‘Save Changes’ and the links will be made next time the till communicates with ParentMail.