How do I create a bulk invoice?

Bulk invoicing guide.mp4

To create your invoice, go to Payments > Bulk Invoicing.

This will open a new screen which will allow you to input the details of your invoice. First, select a name for your invoice. This is how it will appear to parents and in your reports.

Next, select the bank account that you wish invoice payments to go into.

Then enter a description for your invoice to help inform parents of what they are paying the invoice for.

Next, you will need to select your Settings:

Allow Part Pay – If this is on, parents will be able to pay smaller amounts of the total up until the full amount is paid.

Billing Period – This is the dates from and to in which you are billing the parent for.

Due Date – This is the date in which the payment is due – please note, this must be in the future.

Accounting Codes – Select this if you wish to add Accounting Codes to the invoice.

VAT Rate – Select this if you wish to show the VAT Rate on the invoice.

Once you have added your Settings, you will be ready to add your Users to the invoice. Please note, you can only add Students and Staff user types to the invoice. You can add as many users to your invoice as required by selecting them from the Contact Book using 'Add Users.'

Once you have added your users, you can enter the amount they are to be charged. If you make a mistake you can change the amount or delete the user from the invoice, however once the user has paid (or part paid) the amount cannot be changed and the user cannot be deleted.

You can add additional users to the invoice by finding the invoice in Payments > Payment Items and changing the categories to Invoice. This will show you a list of all your active invoices. Once in the invoice, simply select Edit and update the details. Once someone has paid, you will be asked if you would like to notify them of the changes made to the invoice.

The invoice will appear in parent’s feeds in the “To Pay” section and will work as all other Payment Items, in that they can pay using the various payment options you have switched on in your Payment Settings.