How do I create a new item?

To create a new item, go to the payments section in your left hand menu, and select ‘Create New Item’. You will then be asked if you would like to create a new item, or to use an existing payment item as a template. Once an item is created, you can use it as a template to speed up the process. You can also use the "Guided Tours" available at the top of the page for a virtual assistant to help you create the item.

To create from new, you will first need to select a category. This will assist you with locating and reporting on specific item types like school trips or school uniform for example. If the category you would like to use is not there, you can ‘Suggest A Category’ which will be sent to ParentMail for consideration.

Once you have selected your category, the item will need a name, price and description. Please note, the price is not editable, so be sure that the amount entered is correct. The description has a character limit of 255 so be aware of this when you are creating your item, any further information can be sent via en email using the item you are about to set up.

Next you will need to select a bank account from the drop down list, this will choose the location the parents funds are sent to. Please note there is no default option for this so it must be selected when creating each item. If you wish to add a new bank account you will need to contact ParentMail and we will be able to help you with this. If you wish to enable a different bank account that is already on your ParentMail account, you will need to go to "Settings" under the Payment section.

A web address of a destination can be added to help parents answer any queries without reverting to the school's office. You will then have the option to customise the settings to make your bespoke item. Descriptions for what each option will do can be found by hovering over each of the settings or in our ‘Settings Description’ below.

Settings Description

Alert Users on Creation

Select this option if you would like to notify users that this item is now available to purchase. We would not advise selecting this if you are adding several items as parents will receive a notification each time.

Parental Consent Required

Select this option if you would like parents to give consent. This will be useful if you are setting up a school trip, for example. To view whether consent has been given on a report, go to Actions > View Orders > tick the names of the students > click Export. Please note, if this is enabled, parents are required to give consent before it allows them to pay.

Allow Pre Order

Select this option if you would like to allow parents to pre order. This will allow you to know how much stock you will need to order in advance.

Requires Fulfilment

Select this option if you want the system to remind you that you need to hand this item to parents or students. In Payment Settings, you can add an email address so that up to 5 members of staff will be notified when an item is purchased.

Allow Waiting list

Select this option if you would like to allow staff and/or students to join a waiting list once the item is full/has run out. If you receive any cancellations, you will be able to view the waiting list on a first come/first served basis.

Create Ticket Numbers

Select this option to add ticket numbers to your item. Your ticket numbers will appear on a report that you can download within Reports and Payments, called “Download A List Of Ticket Numbers For A Product”. This is helpful if you are putting on a production and making physical tickets in the school.

Allow Donation

This will allow your parents to make a donation over the price of the item. Please note, if the item can be paid in instalments or can be part paid, parents will not be able to make a donation until the item has been paid in full.

Allow Part Pay

This allows the parent to pay as little and as often as they like up the total amount.

Fast Moving

If you select this, parents will be able to put the item in their basket but it will only stay there for a maximum of 20 minutes before being automatically removed, this is to give all parents an equal chance to pay for the item.

Gift Aid

Select this option if you would like to allow parents to select to make a donation to a registered charity under the Gift Aid scheme.

Settings (Detailed)

All of these settings will open an extra entry field at the bottom of the window which will need to be completed.

Select Specific Users

Select this option to target your communication. Ticking this will open up the contact book and will allow you to choose who you want the item to be available for. If you do not select this option, it will be made available to all of your users. Please note, you can only tick students or staff, not parents.


Select this option if you would like to request payment in specific instalments. You can select different amounts for each instalment or auto-calculate each amount. If you have instalments on your item then the due dates of the instalments will expire the item instead of a purchase window. Instalments cannot be changed once the item has been created.

Limit Quantity Per Child

Select this option if you would like to limit the amount each child can purchase. For example, 2 tickets per student for the school play. If the parent will only need 1 of the item, select this option and enter 1.

Stock Quantity

Select this option if there are a limited amount of items available or a limited amount of spaces on a trip or club for example.

Purchase Window

Select this option if you would like to set a specific date and time for parents to be able to purchase this item. This could be for a week, month or term. You can use this option when you create an item and place the date to go to the parents in the future. The system will automatically send the details out on the date you choose.

Accounting Codes

Select this option if you would like to add cost centres or nominal codes to this item for school purposes.

Event Date

Select this option if the item you are creating has an event date – this will not expire the item and is just for the parent’s information only.


Use this if there is a selection of options with this item such as ‘Size’ or ‘Colour’. Please note, there can only be one set of options and these cannot be changed once the item has been created. If you use Options, one will need to be selected as the default before filling in the other option boxes for when parents open the item.

VAT Rate

Select this option to show the VAT Rate.

Due Date

Select this option to place a due date for an item to be paid by. If you have a due date, this will expire the item unless you have a Purchase Window. Please note, once an item is expired it stops new orders from being made, but any that have been part paid can continue until their order is complete.